A conversation between black clergy and the LGBT community in Columbus began Friday with a poignant documentary, The New Black, that explored the intersection of race and sexual orientation in American society. “Shankeia Pollard, one of the local organizers of Friday’s event, said the conversation with black clergy is just the beginning, and she hopes [...]

Today, there are 37 states with legal same-sex marriage laws which demonstrates a quantum leap since THE NEW BLACK premiered. To give you an idea of how far we’ve come, in February 2014 there were only 17 states with such laws. And to hopefully further progress, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to render a [...]

(Long Island, NY) “The New Black” takes viewers into the pews and onto the streets and provides a seat at the kitchen table as it tells the story of the historic fight to win marriage equality in Maryland and charts the evolution of this divisive issue within the black community. Screening will be followed by [...]

Throughout the documentary, there are a number of stories told that have the same goal in mind: to look at the intersection between the LGBT communities, the Civil Rights movements and the black church, Welbon said. “One of the strongest story lines for me is the story of Karess,” Welbon said. “She gets involved in [...]

“There is an amazing group of filmmakers, and amazing filmmakers of color, in particular, who I admire. However, there’s still not enough of us telling our own stories, especially as black women. So that’s something I can bring. Aesthetically, I’m really interested in melding how films that are educational or political, are also beautiful and [...]

“Films like these are important because they are our best tools for exposure. The generation we are educating have a far greater visual literacy than if you were just to pick up a book and read it,” said professor Karin Wimbley. “One of the challenges professors face is we have all of this wonderful programming, [...]

“Black community is not monolithic,” says Reverend Eric P. Lee, dispelling ideas of a universal and singular African-American viewpoint in “The New Black,” a documentary by Yoruba Richen ’94. The film exposes the divisions among blacks and the intersection of and conflict between black and LGBT individuals surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage. Together, they [...]

Inside the Michigan League, Richen discussed her documentary, “The New Black,” which examines homophobia in the Black community and follows both people who support and oppose LGBTQ rights within the community. Throughout the lecture, which was sponsored by the LSA Campus Climate Committee, Richen emphasized the importance of campus activism for issues pertaining to race [...]

Richen dis­cussed that film, The New Black, during her keynote address Thursday after­noon at “A Tribute to the Dream,” North­eastern University’s annual cel­e­bra­tion hon­oring the life and legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. More than 300 people packed the Curry Stu­dent Center Ball­room for this moving tribute, while others watched in a des­ig­nated over­flow [...]

The New Black

The New Black is a documentary that tells the story of how the African-American community is grappling with the gay rights issue in light of the recent gay marriage movement and the fight over civil rights. Continue Reading

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