Philadelphia City Paper: QFest Shines Spotlight on the Struggle to Be Out and Devout

July 11, 2013

Several films at this year’s LGBT film fest look at the strained relationship between religion and gay identity.

“In all religious institutions, there’s been a challenge to accept LGBT equality,” [Richen] says. “The black church is where we’ve historically fought to expand rights, so the fact that members of that church are not for that can feel like a disconnect. But the church is the moral repository for the civil-rights movement — it’s where the movement began, it’s where many of our civil-rights leaders have come from — so even if you’re not a part of the church, it still has moral sway in our community that you have to respect and acknowledge.”

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The New Black

The New Black is a documentary that tells the story of how the African-American community is grappling with the gay rights issue in light of the recent gay marriage movement and the fight over civil rights. Continue Reading

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